a love letter to everyone – dissociation #1


hey, are you awake?

wake up

you’rehere with me. I don’t know where we are but we’re here, watching it all. Its dark outside and the stars are kickin around

you’re herewith me, and I don’t know for how long. I know they say we’re fucking crazy but in the name of measurements compared to nothing id say we’re pretty well off

you’re a horror film that I wanna watch at 3am 

the drop of a wooden rollercoaster that prob doesn’t work anymore

although im mostly frowning there’s a little smirk in there somewhere

I need you night and day 

you’re here withme, come lets watch the rain as its falling down

there’s sunlight on your skin and I should have known 

that shit don’t feel the same through grit and bone 

and I’m watching myself through it all 

just going through the motions I guess 

did u see that? up above 


hey, are you awake?

wake up

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