aint no shame in it (thanks, pete davidson)

I just listened to an interview by pete davidson and charlamagne tha god. and it really helped me cope through some of my issues about mental illness.

We all know that pete davidson is one of the few known celebrities that has been diagnosed with BPD, and he speaks out on it when he can. whether it be half-subliminally on weekend update, or in interviews, he’s shown he’s not afraid of discussing the challenges and tribulations of his life.

So in this interview, charlamagne asks him a bunch of questions about how the spotlight affects his mental health and how relationships have affected his mental health, and i’m going to try to sum it up nicely here.

he basically said that he’s been up front in most of his relationships, warning his partners that sometimes he might cut himself, or cry, or have to go away to rehab because he doesn’t want to have any surprises one-two months down the road. and its cost him a lot of potential relationships but hes said that it’s better to just be honest and to know. and likewise, he wants to konw about them, he wants to meet their family and hangout in more personal settings and actually get to know who he’s with as opposed to ‘getting caught hanging out at nobu by papparazzi’.

he goes on to say that he’s hit rock bottom a few times, evident in his family and friends being ‘scared and sad about the state of his life’ and that he knows that when he has to go into rehab, simple as that. he wasn’t ashamed of hitting rock or trying to hide it, but rather saying ‘hey, sometimes you just have to get your meds adjusted, sometimes you have to sort your shit out’.

and bitch that is how I want to live my life!!!!!!!!!!!!
not afraid of telling people if I can’t do something or need to take something slower, not hiding my illness from new people hoping that they’ll eventually be able to handle it, but instead just laying it out. heres my life, heres what it looks like. to me, its not that bad, let me show you.

I think thats beautiful and I love pete davidson and I just had this moment that I had to share with you.

you can watch the interview here.

❤ a

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