lighten up, babe

I’ve been putting so much meaning into things lately, and not spending enough time doing mindless things

but the sun is out now and I am reminded that I am a fun loving person,

who needs the peek-a-boo sun to come out and remind me that life couldn’t possibly worsen

because I am who I am and we are where we are and to come to terms with that was far too bizarre a phenomenon until it was staring me right in the face saying

hello? remember that time that you could do anything you wanted, go wherever you wanted and be who you wanted to be?

and my dusted body peeked through the darkness and said

who, me?

but yes, it was me

and life was delivering a reminder that I needed to be much kinder to myself, as per usual

and we can turn around from a cruel, cruel summer with the flick of a paintbrush

the turn of a pen

and soon it will be dawning season

giving me a reason to act my age, again

go out and love the world again, only now I have so much more opportunity to see the land

get high by the beach like lana promised

running and running away from everything I was thinking yesterday

it doesnt matter anymore

I wont survive without sinking into the sand

now is the time to demand frivolity

Instead of this work sleep work monstrosity

and in reality

I just give life a fighting chance

lately ive been starved for activity, forever caught up in the work-sleep-work cycle that one falls into during the colder months. I feel like ive forgotten how to be a human. questioning everything, when really what I need to do is wake up. literally and figuratively. I need to read, write, paint, photograph, do yoga, eat healthier, create a regimen and then completely break it with more fun things. I want to get back to making mistakes, not knowing what im doing, winging it. I have become so calculated and concerned with whether or not im progressing, so stressed that I choose to stay in bed and do nothing.

only 19 minutes to the nearest beach, committing it to memory

take a deep breath baby let me in

reading with strawberries in my near future,

a friend or two in the distance

big things are coming

and I am not afraid of the upcoming upgrade

rather ready, to become unsteady

and put both feet in the water

Ice cream, ice queen

thawed forevermore

this is a call to remind whoever needs it to lighten up, babe. go outside, be a little wild, just do that thing you’ve been thinking about. your life doesn’t have to change drastically, just little steps. do something you wouldn’t normally do. i’m going to the beach, how about you?

bang bang, kiss kiss


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