thanks, bo

Get your fuckin hands up

Get on out of your seats

All eyes on me

All eyes on me 

And i know where we’re going 

And I know where I’ve been 

Tears paving the slippery slope to retribution 

And no wonder I’ve been manic lately 

I get to go home and figuring that out is the most challenging and exciting thing I could think of 

I wanna live above 

All the people that I left in the first place 

Taking back my community 

A place where I can find immunity from the headache of isolation, lack of independence 

I am a real person there

We’re going to go where everybody knows 

And a place where the growth can continue

I only took a year break but I’ll never quit again 

So sorry I said goodbye

So mad I shied away from working on my shit 

But trying to love the year I’ve had 

I’ve gained the pounds and wet the carpets with salt water remnants 

Smiling as I look back, when the ferry trails behind my own future 

I’ll kiss the ground when I arrive 

So this is how it ends, I promise to never go outside again 

Or is it only the beginning of a love that confirms the grass is just fine on my home side

It may not be here all the months of the year but at least it doesn’t burn up in the summer 

I’ve been a total bummer 

But now I know what to look forward to 

So this is how it ends, I promise to never go outside again 

And home is just a hop, skip around the bend 

Where I can get a little bit of everything, all of the time 

Change my outfit and my mind at the drop of a dime 

Because it’s my life and I’m taking it back 

Going back to calgary, going back to black 

Back to the palomino, back to the weeknd, back to walking down the road like everybody knows your name 

And I’ll dress it up like someone really cares 

Not that they care anymore than they did before but now I have the motivation to dress for the occasion 

That I’m a goddamn celebrity and I’m returning to base

I said ‘bye forever calgs’ but now I plead my case, grasping at the ropes to but the burnt bridge back together 

And could you really expect anything more from me? Constantly building in the ashes I’m backtracking 

And avoiding the back lashing I may recieve

They don’t outweigh my disdane 

So all eyes on me as I put my life back together 

Hands down now, pray for me

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