where do you go to my lovely?

this is a poem I wrote after a short chapter with a lovely friend, about being friends with benefits and ending said relationship, but everything being okay in the finish. thank to you my dear friend, and thank you for the connection we have now. i wouldn’t change a thing!

waking up next to a friend,

a wes anderson short film playing in the future.

tell me the thoughts that surround you,

I want to look inside your head

or did I lose the priviledge?

for it was a small short story we had,

and when I locked the door from the inside I was really hoping I hadn’t forgotten anything

making the bed for someone altogether else I felt proud as I turned up the corners of the covers, of my lips

a single teardrop on your side of the bed, I wonder if you’ll taste it later.

folding the shirt you gave me to wear, a cathartic routine I wouldn’t have minded to do again

but we mustn’t think in such a way

“go and forget me forever, but I know you’ll still bear the scar” played on repeat, a french tune for a love affair.

and I stole a shot of fireball on my way out, perhaps to warm my insides, perhaps to keep a part of yours

like highschool days where everything feels like its the end of the world I savoured the sadness because it was mine to feel

and to be sad is a welcomed condition compared to the nothingness I felt beforehand

so thank you,

for our small chapter.

and thank you for not fucking me after all,

and thank you for kissing my hand

these are both things that kept me in tact,

and kept my little heart from breaking in two, for now

our little fling, will be looked upon fondly

your loveliness goes on and on, yes it does

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